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Block Machining and Boring

All of JNW Engine & Machine performance and racing engines that go through our machine shop go through a prescision align bore and cylinder head honing process. This in esures that rotating asslemblies run true while the engine is operating. This process includes align bore to the main bearings and camshaft and the crankshaft to ensure they run true and friction free as possible.

Rottler Bore Machine

Engine boring is at an angle not relative to the crankshaft, engine failure could occur. To prevent this, JNW Engines & Performance uses a carefully crafted quality control process. This process inspects all blocks for cylinder wall tapers, out of round diameters, cracks, camshaft and crankshaft misalignment. The magnitude of this process allows us to align bore and honing be done by only a very experienced machine shop such as JNW Engine & Machine.

We Upgraded our honing machine to Rottler H85 CNC Controlled Honing.

If the engine block passes our quality control process, we then determine what is needed. The block is cleaned in the tank, if the block is used, we then magnaflux it to inspect for cracks or surface issues. It goes through another inspection process to check line bore then to cylinder honing.

If the block is being aligned honed, the bushings that support the cylinder honing bar are mounted in the end journals of the block. Centering pins in the middle of the bar are used to center the bar in the center of the main bore.


Align Hoining a 351W ford with probe main support.
Quality Control With Your Engine Is Our #1 Priority

At JNW Eninge & Machine Performance quality control is an important factor in our customer experience. Careful measures in checking and double checking clearances is our precedence in producing a fast, reliable engine that will bear our responsibility.

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