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JNW ENGINE & MACHINE  is State of the art.

Why the Technology is the best in the market?The dual air-float automatic SERDI centering system was the first in the world made with the patented process Why the SERDI Technology is the best in the market?The dual air-float automatic centering system was the first in the world made with the patented process developed by the SERDI Company. This unique method uses a solid carbide straight shank pilot. When inserted into the valve guide, it simulates the real valve stem during the centering process. This guaranteed the valve seat is finished within the closest tolerance for a perfect valve to seat match. The new design SERDI workhead greatly reduces the number of parts free-floating during the centering sequence. The built-in spindle motor eliminates all pulleys, belts and transmission shafts. This results in minimal workhead inertia and maximum flotation for unmatched sensitivity and accuracy during the centering process. From Import & Domestic Engines, to High Performance Racing Engines, to Motorcycle Engines, to Marine Engines, to Trucks Public Transport Engines, to Locomotive Engines, to Small Engines, to Stationary Engines, SERDI is the one!SERDI is the Worldwide Leader.

For more than twenty years:
Over the years, our goal has been to expand and improve the technology that has made our customers successful. SERDI has grown to become a leading supplier of state of the art automotive machine tools. SERDI products can be found in shops in more than seventy-five countries around the world such as Honda, Kawasaki , Suzuki, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Cosworth, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Cagiva, Ducati, Volkswagen and more… .

With literally thousands of users, in every category from major OEMs … to Production Rebuilders … to every segment of High Performance … to one and two man shops; SERDI remains at a level of technological expertise second to none in our industry.

Here are few of the proud users of the SERDI Machines: JNW Engine & Machine, DART Machinery, Franklin Power Products, Caterpillar, Diesel Cast Welding, Alliance Remanufacturing, US Navy Guard, City Motor Supply, R&D Manchester Performance Machine, Generac, Daimler Chrysler, SMO Special Machine Operation, AER Manufacturing…
LS6 GM Exhaust seat was cut with JNW Engines  own  custom radial profile .  We have profiles for all factory angles and custom flow bench proven cutters.